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The Lot in Pictures

August 20, 2017

Basket Case Productions’ Girard Fox and Tim Warner took their now fourth annual vintage motorcycle show up a notch, relocating the event from Brooklyn Bowl to an empty lot in Greenpoint this past Saturday (Aug. 19) to allow for more bikes, food trucks, vendors, live music … and more space for participants and visitors.

Despite inclement weather the night before, blue skies and sunshine greeted a host of stunning bikes and moto enthusiasts -- young and old -- on the day.

Check out some select images from the event before the sun went down taken by @thruxton999. The peeps and the deets ... finding beauty in the shape, function and form of motorcycles and the people who love them.

View the Galleries: Gallery 1 [+] | Gallery 2 [+] | Gallery 3 [+]

DGR classic riders taking over NYC Sept. 24 for prostate cancer research funding

August 16, 2017 | Rahoul Ghose

North America's top Distinguished Gentleman's Ride city from last year will again be donning dapper gear and firing up hundreds of classic motorcycles Sept. 24 to raise funds for prostate cancer research and male suicide prevention resources.

As a tip of the hat to being one of the world's top cities -- a quartet which also includes London, Paris and Sydney -- New York City is even included in the international event's branding graphics, a fact not lost on local ride leader Mike Higgins, who has helped organize the NYC ride since 2015.

"I do get some pride from that," said Higgins, who will likely be riding his '67 Honda CB450 -- dubbed the Black Bomber -- again this year. "I think it says more about how NYC is perceived as a world capital -- but for us it just reinforces our desire to put on a ride that lives up to that ... I'm thrilled to see Lady Liberty on the poster."

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Sponsor NYC Motorcyclist's DGR efforts | Win a helmet

August 15, 2017

Our friends at NEXX North America have given us an XG100 Garage full face helmet to raffle off to our readers/followers. So to help support a great cause -- the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride and prostate cancer research/men's suicide prevention resources -- we've decided that everyone who donates $20 or more to our DGR rider's fundraising efforts will be eligible to win this great helmet. And NYC Motorcyclist will also throw in a pin/sticker pack. Total value close to $400. A winner will be selected following the Sept. 24 ride.

You can pledge us directly on our DGR profile page:

NYC Motorcyclist is also competing as part of the NY Classic Riders for top DGR team in the world, so any donations will also help to put New York on the map as well. All those donating will get a tax invoice and receipt from DGR for their records.

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Brooklyn Invitational lineup announced

August 12, 2017 | Rahoul Ghose

Organizers have announced the prestigious builder invitee list for this year's Ninth Annual Brooklyn Invitational Custom Motorcycle Show, Sept. 9, 2017 at the Root Studios in Williamsburg.

In alpha order: Andrew Fairbank, Christian Sosa, CT Newman, Dave Freston, Dick Miles Collection, Jack and Zack Hindes, Jamie Waters Collection, Jim Garrison, J Shia, Keino Sasaki, Martin Carlgren, Matt Davis, Nicke Svensson, Paul Cox, Rich Phillips, Roland Sands, Satya Kraus, Stuart Parr Collection and Toshiyuki Cheetah Osawa.

Tickets ($15) are already on sale via the event website for on-call pickup on the day.

Stay tuned for more details on the show -- sponsored this year by Indian -- as well as a photo gallery covering the 'special' project event co-organizer Keino is working on for the show.

Visit The Brooklyn Invitational website [+]

THE LOT calling out NY Vintage Riders

August 12, 2017 | Rahoul Ghose

Fire up your pre-1983 vintage rides and head to Brooklyn Aug. 19.

Basket Case ProductionsGirard Fox and Tim Warner have taken their now fourth annual vintage motorcycle show up a notch, relocating the event from Brooklyn Bowl to an empty lot in Greenpoint to allow for more bikes, food vendors, live music … and more space for participants and visitors.

NYC Motorcyclist had the pleasure of interviewing the pair about ‘The Lot’, New York’s vintage moto scene, and what rides they both currently negotiate NYC traffic with.

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NUVIZ ‘All-in-One’ Device Aims to Simplify Rider Tech Options

August 10, 2017 | Rahoul Ghose

With the financial missteps of Skully’s digitally augmented motorcycle helmet last year, and the increasing popularity of rider cams, Bluetooth headsets and even handlebar smartphone mounts for easy access to maps and GPS info, the market is ripe for a product that finally services all a rider’s tech needs.

The NUVIZ (pronounced noo-viz) is touted as “the first all-in-one motorcycle Head-Up Display (HUD)” … with intuitive controls that reduce distraction and enhance the riding experience by providing custom information needed on the ride, all within the rider’s natural line of sight.

The name is an abbreviation for what the device was developed to be, says NUVIZ product manager Brandon Holzworth, a “New Vision for Motorcyclists.”

Designed in an area often said to attract the “smartest people in the world when it comes to electronic devices,” – Salo, Finland – the NUVIZ’s pedigree includes more than a few engineers from the Nokia camp, says Holzworth, who’s based in San Diego, CA.

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The Race of Gentlemen 2017 in Photos

July 13, 2017

The sixth incarnation of Wildwood, NJ's The Race of Gentlemen, June 10 and 11, saw the usual suspects pitting two and four-wheeled classic machines against sand and sometimes surf ... though this year the competition was staged uncharacteristically under blue skies and intense sun.

Billed as 'The greatest race on earth', TROG is an automotive carnival that celebrates American racing heritage -- a true homage to automobile and motorcycle history, hosted by the Oilers CC/MC. Check out images from the day courtesy of Godspeed Co.

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June 15, 2017

Thirty-plus NY Classic Riders members wined, dined and talked motos during the club's dinner event at Brooklyn's La Cigogne restaurant.

The club's new t-shirts and stickers were in abundance, as were a huge variety of bike styles ... from classic offerings courtesy of Royal Enfield, Triumph and Moto Guzzi, to Ducati and BMW adventure and racing bikes.

A few lucky attendees even scored some NYC Motorcyclist swag ... pins and stickers.

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NYC Artist Spotlight: Derick Miller

May 31, 2017

For illustrator Derick Miller, 'God is truly in the detail'.

"I like to research what I’m drawing, painstakingly so. Yeah, I draw cartoons, and they’re not supposed to be photo-realism or technical drawings … but I believe, even in a cartoon, you still have to get the details right. The details are everything that makes that car or bike – especially if I’m drawing someone’s personal pride and joy," Miller says.

Born and raised in a small beach town just outside Boston, Massachusetts, Miller has always drawn. His art is about everyday people and simple pleasures – country living, cool rides, and of course a cool scene.

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Preventing Motorcycle Theft | Battling Bike-only Police Checkpoints

May 10, 2017 | Rahoul Ghose

Motorcycle season has finally descended on NYC after a few weather blips last month. But the increased bike presence brings with it a few sobering moments, whether it’s the reemergence of bike-only police checkpoints or the rise of bike thefts throughout the city.


On the theft front, New York -- at last count -- landed fifth in the nation for stolen bikes, behind California, Florida, Texas and South Carolina (National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) stats), with just under 2,000 lifted in 2015. 2016 stats have not yet been released.

In reality it only takes seconds to hoist a motorcycle into a van and take off. Worse yet, national statistics show only three in 10 stolen motorcycles will be recovered and returned to their owners. The rest end up on the black market, stripped and/or sold for spare parts.

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1rst Annual Cinco de Moto

May 6, 2017

To celebrate Cinco de Mayo and their newly expanded space, Brooklyn's Vax Moto and Vax Taco debuted their Cinco de Moto event May 5 combining motorcycles, margaritas, tacos, music, beer and a live Coney Island side show. Adam Guys, who helped design the Vax Taco logo, also supplied his talents for Cinco de Moto artwork -- limited edition tees and posters -- for the inaugural (1rst) event.

Despite heavy rain earlier in the day, the weather seemed to clear for the festivities, which saw bikes of all shapes and sizes drop by ... sport, classic, baggers, adventure, and some cafe racers.

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Two Cities ... Two Looks

May 5, 2017

Our Photographer Spotlight this time around is a double shot ... Action photographer and filmmaker Stan Evans focuses on three riders from the 'city that never sleeps', including pro snowboarder Chauncey Tanton, Alex DiMattio of Jane Motorcycles fame, and fitness model, Soulcycle instructor and moto enthusiast Emma Lovewell. Then, in a companion piece for our sister site, Evans hits some sweetspots of LA motolife -- the twisties, the offroad and build culture, and the style behind America's top moto destination -- in a Los Angeles gallery of editorial rider portraits.

View NYC Gallery [+] | View LA Gallery [+]

A Night of Motorcycles and Art

April 28, 2017 | Rahoul Ghose

A host of moto and art enthusiasts descended on the MotorGrrl Garage in Brooklyn, April 28, for an 'adventurous' Night of Motorcycles and Art. On display ... Grace Roselli's Naked Bike and Viragos by Susana Rico. Rico debuted a tintype series of photos documenting women and their bikes, while Roselli exhibited photo prints and paintings from her most recent collection, a series which seeks to create a meaningful conversation on how women and the female form are portrayed in society.

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Making riders hungry for social activism

April 14, 2017 | Rahoul Ghose

Two wheels, a variety of boiled, fried, simmered, or steamed fillings wrapped in dough … and a common social cause.

For organizer Tom Nguyen the three ingredients which make up The Dumpling Tour — a motorcycle charity run next month benefiting the New York Immigration Coalition (NYIC) — go together like pierogies and sour cream.

“There are hundreds of versions of dumplings in different countries all over the world,” says Nguyen, one of three owners at Brooklyn’s Phumpling Co, which has showcased its Chinese/Vietnamese pho-packed, bite-sized soup dumplings at Popup New York for the past two years.

“The reason why we as New Yorkers are able to enjoy gyoza from Japan, pelmeni from Russia, pierogi from Poland, momos from Tibet, empanadas from Latin America — just to name a few — is because of the immigrants who came to this country and shared their incredible food with us. Diversity in food, culture, and thought is what makes this country thrive.”

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