Lecce, Italy-based fashion artist Danilo De Donno is making his mark as a freelance designer and illustrator on a wide range of projects for international clients, concentrating in particular on his vintage aesthetic and mixing hand-drawn and digital designs to create unique artworks. You may recognize his prints from the Oil & Ink Expo and posters from Motos in MOAB, but his work on this side of the Atlantic has also included our very own NYC Motorcyclist logos (2016), the Motos and Photos : NYC logo (2018), as well as a host of branding for the New York Classic Riders starting in 2017, and a logo for local filmmaker Jean Pierre Kathöfer this year. In Europe, De Donno’s motorcycle-inspired work frequently graces the pages of Italy’s Special Café magazine – a centerspread, detachable poster every two months – and the French publication Generation Moto. De Donno is known for his sense of humor, with several of his illustrations taking a less serious look at hipster and vintage moto culture.

“I really like the vintage motorcycle world … I like the spirit of adventure, the way these motorcycles are customized (to) become so unique,” De Donno says. “I look at these motorcycles and I see pieces of art in motion.”