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Run for Richie honors 9/11 victims and NYC’s irrepressible spirit

August 13, 2018 | Rahoul Ghose

For Paul Jonathan (PJ) Marcel, 9/11 is a time for New Yorkers to unify and remember loved ones lost, to honor emergency services’ sacrifices and the city’s indelible spirit … and to never forget.

To that end, the Howard Beach, Queens father of two and president of Punishers MC New York, pours his heart and soul into a now-annual ride that draws well over 1,000 motorcyclists for ceremonies and an impressive parade of two-wheelers through the heart of NYC.

The ‘Run for Richie’ 9/11 Motorcycle Run honors Richard Allen Pearlman, the youngest first responder lost on Sept. 11, 2001. ‘Richie’, just 18 and a senior member of the Forest Hills Volunteer Ambulance Corp (FHVAC), was immortalized on the pages of Newsweek's Extra Edition of America Under Attack, in a photo showing him aiding the injured at Ground Zero. He headed to the World Trade Center on foot from his job at a law firm, and despite being ordered to return by his employer for safety reasons, Richie remained at the WTC site. He died when the second tower fell.

The photo is particularly poignant for Marcel, as Richie was also his neighbor in Howard Beach.

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Official Bike Build to raise the bar for the 2018 NYC DGR

July 27, 2018 | Rahoul Ghose

Local moto enthusiast Jason Hodrinsky — of Motofellas and Whisky Moto Co fame — is teaming up with New York’s A & J Cycles to build a bike specifically for this year’s Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, an annual, global fundraiser for prostate cancer research and male suicide prevention resources.

The DGR hits home for the 36-year-old Long Island-NY native, who has ridden in the past four NYC rides.

“My father is a prostate cancer survivor and beat the disease two decades ago thanks to early detection and a team of great doctors,” Hodrinsky says. “I’ve been extremely lucky that I did not lose my father’s love, guidance, and helping hands to a deadly disease. I realize, however, that not everyone is so lucky, and that has to change. Unfortunately, men’s health issues have historically been something men have been reticent to discuss, and that’s why it is so important to have events like the DGR and organizations like Movember — to raise awareness and spark important conversations.”

To that end Hodrinsky wanted to up his participation this year by building a bike to honor the ride and reward its participants.

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'Splitin' Lanes & Dodgin' Gutters’ returns to The Bowl

July 25, 2018 | Rahoul Ghose

It’s a grassroots, curated event, born out of a never-ending appetite for all things motorcycle, with a mandate to make moto history accessible to both enthusiasts and the general public.

After a year outside in the heat and sunshine as The Lot, Basket Case Productions' Splitin' Lanes & Dodgin' Gutters makes a triumphant return to Brooklyn Bowl in Williamsburg for its fourth year – Sunday, Aug. 19 – boasting an impressive collection of rarely seen classic and vintage motorcycles, a DJ, an in-house tintype photographer, food, drink and bowling.

For event co-organizers Girard Fox and Tim Warner, SL&DG is quite literally a labor of love, a chance to showcase close to 50 hand-picked motorcycles ranging from the teens-era, through the late '70s. But it is also about community. Bringing bikes and people together.

That philosophy was evident even in the early years when Fox and Warner – who work at Brooklyn Bowl as a chef and director of operations, respectively – relied on community support to kickstart the show.

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NYCMC/Triumph Brooklyn AHRMA Race Gathering

July 20, 2018 | Rahoul Ghose

Triumph Brooklyn, NYCMC and Motorgrrl Garage played host to some riding legends of past and present July 19 in Williamsburg, a gathering which included America's only winner of the prestigious Isle of Mann TT, Dave Roper, and current AHRMA national champion Tim Joyce. Roper won the 1984 TT in 1984, posting the fastest lap in his class at 97.21 MPH on his Team Obsolete Matchless G50. The still fully function race bike was also in attendance at Motorgrrl Garage, a last minute venue change after Triumph Brooklyn has some unfortunate luck with their bike lift.

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Molecular Motivation

July 20, 2018 | Stephen Hall

A Friday Moto Art teaser from NYC-based contemporary artist Stephen Hall ... Molecular Motivation, 50" x 70", acrylic on canvas.

Born in Aberdeen, Scotland, Stephen Hall moved to New York in 1978 and began exhibiting his work in the East Village in the early '80s. Since then his work has been featured in exhibits throughout the US, India, Japan, Korea and Mexico, as part of numerous corporate and private collections, and in major motion pictures, music videos and magazines. Hall has illustrated numerous book covers for internationally published authors, including Red House Mystery by A.A. Milne, High Rise by J.G. Ballard, and A Can of Worms by Russell Greenan, to name a few.

In describing Molecular Motivation, which features a Yamaha SR500, Hall says: "For the first time I wanted to challenge myself by painting a big shiny piece of machinery and make the object the star. I searched online of all kinds of machinery with no success. I then switched to motor. This is the image that captured my attention. Adding the rooster as the living creature compositionally was important, and the razor gave the right amount of dynamic tension. The background pattern of molecules seem to show us that we are all, whether living or not, part of the stuff of the Universe.”

You can see more of Hall's work online at or his Instagram.

An interview with DGR creator Mark Hawwa

July 13, 2018 | Rahoul Ghose

With just under three months until the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride hits NYC again – Sept. 30 to be exact – we decided to poke the DGR bear, so to speak, and strike up a convo with the event's founder and director, Mark Hawwa.

The Aussie is set to participate in the New York ride this year, his first time at a US-based DGR since 2015 , when he graced the Los Angeles event.

Find out what the DGR means to the moto aficionado, what Hawwa's goals are for 2018, where the DGR is heading in the future ... and most importantly what it means to be a gentleman, both on and off two wheels.

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Lean On Me: Fundraiser for Kelly Yun

July 9, 2018 | Rahoul Ghose

When a community unites in a common cause ... anything is possible.

Sunday evening NYC motorcyclists and local moto businesses converged on the Rocka Rolla bar on Metropolitan Avenue in Brooklyn to help raise funds for NY rider Kelly Yun, who was involved in a serious motorcycle accident in Minneapolis, Minnesota last month. This social featured a ticketed draw for prizes donated by MotoGrrl Garage, The Miss-fires, Motoveli, Dirty Billy, A & J Cycles, Breaking Hearts & Burning Rubber, Doomed NYC, Brooklyn Brewery, Brooklyn Glass, Three Kings Tattoo, Babes Ride Out, Vanderbuilt Brooklyn, Sugarbush Babes, NEXX North America, Lucifer's Pride, Spiegel NYC ... and many others. More than $5,000 was raised.

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DGR NYC prep underway for Sept. 30 ride

June 27, 2018 | Rahoul Ghose

It’s still more than three months before NYC gentlefolk will don suits and mount their mechanical steeds to raise money for prostate cancer research and men’s mental health issues at the annual Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride.

But local organizers – a team lead by locals Mike Higgins and Allister Klingensmith – are already gearing up for the Sept. 30 event with a request for participant feedback on the 2017 ride and a call out for volunteers.

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Paul Smith welcomes Triumph to Brooklyn

June 26, 2018 | Rahoul Ghose

The relationship between British icons Paul Smith and Triumph has been a longstanding one with Triumph kitting out their classic Bonnevilles and even newer Modern Classics in trademark Paul Smith stripes ... and the London men's fashion designer, in year's past, creating a line of cafe racer boots emblazoned with the Triumph logo and 'World's Fastest Motorcycle 50s". Get a taste of both brands as the Williamsburg, Brooklyn store, at 280 Grand Street, welcomes Triumph Brooklyn to the neighbourhood with a drinks night this coming Saturday, June 30 from 6 to 8 PM. Local beer provided by Brooklyn Brewery.

#paulsmith #triumph #britishicon #britiron #motofashion #williamsburg

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Motoveli, a Brooklyn 'zine for riders and creators

June 25, 2018 | Rahoul Ghose

This month we sit down with Motoveli rider-in-chief Ryan Snelson to talk about his new publication for "riders and creators." With the first issue now available and a successful launch party put to bed, Snelson talks about the new concept -- 100 pages of "riding stories, interviews, and moto-inspired design experiments ... an original black-and-white take on modern motorcycle culture and creators in New York."

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Triumph Brooklyn in Black & White

June 21, 2018 | Rahoul Ghose

The new Triumph dealership in Williamsburg, Brooklyn opened its doors in early June and hosted a grand opening party last week with more than 550 attendees.

The new digs -- located at 105 Metropolitan Ave -- are cool to say the least, featuring a double-storey loft interior, a hidden elevator deck to access the shop's garage below, and a balcony level with a host of Rev'it motorcycle gear for sale. Add to that a helmet display featuring some stunning Rubys and artwork by Ornamental Conifer. On the bike side, Triumph's new Speed Triples are expected in this week.

The dealership is currently looking for experienced salespeople and product/accessories specialists to add to the staff. So drop by and introduce yourself. We did.

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