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California Moto Market hits NYC

February 26, 2018 | Rahoul Ghose

Local motowear company Breaking Hearts & Burning Rubber have teamed up with a Los Angeles staple -- the California Moto Market, to bring local riders a special women's gear shopping event right here in NYC.

The one-day NYC Moto Market and Gear Swap features a host of women-owned and focused moto brands including: BH&BR, Stellar Moto Brand, Wind & Throttle, DoomedNYC, First MFG, Spoke & Dagger Co., NEXX Helmets, Sugarbush Babes, and many more. It's a chance to try on the latest gear -- aimed specifically at women riders, have a beverage, do some shopping, and find out about upcoming events and shops in the area.

Added to the mix will be a used swap section where you can bring in gear to sell or swap with someone else ... a perfect opportunity to unload some of those moto items you haven't used in a while for cash or trade-in.

Randolph's Beer will be providing libations all day, and visitors also have a chance to win prizes from participating brands by taking a selfie in the event photo booth.

The NYC Moto Market and Gear Swap runs from Noon to 8 PM, Saturday, March 10 at Modern Vice, 247 West 38th Street (third floor). Street parking will be available.

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NYC Motorcyclist Paperbike

February 20, 2018

The NYC Motorcyclist @paperbikesnyc mini thruxton999 is now available for purchase at at $5 for a 5x7 postcard you can cut out and glue together.

Brakes and Rotors Workshop @ MotorGrrl Garage Gallery

February 18, 2018 | Rahoul Ghose

One of the mandates of NYC Motorcyclist is rider education; we're a firm believer in encouraging the DIY attitude in all motorcycle owners, whether it means doing your own maintenance, or just simply knowing how your ride works so you can identify issues before they become hazards.

So, with Spring on the horizon, we hit Williamsburg's MotorGrrl Garage for a little advice and practice on changing out brake pads and cleaning up those grungy calipers. Moto enthusiast Jason Hodrinsky and wrenching genius Adam Slade treated the small group to a hands on workshop where the front and rear brakes on two Ducatis -- a Monster and a Scrambler -- were given some love.

Other courses on the day included 'oil changes' and 'chain & sprocket maintenance'. Garage owner Val Figarella says the courses serve to give riders the confidence to do regular maintenance and checks on their bikes. Moto education gives you the power to look after your own safety.

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Norton set to make waves in the US

February 15, 2018 | Rahoul Ghose

Returning to the scene of the crime from over a year ago when the sultry lines of the new hand-built Commando 961s grabbed our attention, Norton and the US’s most prolific dealership in Orange County, California appear poised for an eventful and exciting year. The trend towards reviving and improving upon classic motorcycle icons of the past is not new – Triumph is still seeing banner sales from its Modern Classics stable of bikes; Royal Enfield is releasing two new twin model 650cc bikes, the Continental GT and Interceptor, both aimed at the mid-range market; Kawasaki is playing off its KZ1000 ‘70s lore with the introduction of the new Z900RS; and Honda is already on its MkII version of the modern CB1100, the RS.

Since its market revival, Norton has definitely been a niche, boutique-style brand, appealing to the ‘Brit Iron’ set and, in particular, current vintage Norton owners, admits Norton OC GM and EVP Leo Hartog.

“I would say 90 per cent of the Norton buyers we see have had or still have a 1970s Norton in their garage,” Hartog muses, adding Norton OC sold a couple dozen bikes to these brand enthusiasts in 2017. “So, it’s all about reliving their youth … knowing the brand from way back when, that’s what brings them through the doors. And I sell bikes all over the country … more throughout the US than locally (in Los Angeles) or even here in Southern California.”

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Beringer US distributor living the moto life

February 13, 2018 | Rahoul Ghose

An ever-growing library of moto-related articles, books and memorabilia, and a quartet of iconic vehicles grace the Gardena, CA, North American HQ for Beringer Brakes, a testament to one man’s childhood dream to embrace the automotive and motorcycle industry.

For Frog Specialties owner Philippe Danh, becoming the exclusive stateside distributor for Beringer last year was the culmination of two decades working with the French-based brakes innovator. And, even now, at 60, that connection with the moto world still sparks the energy and excitement of youth in him.

Born and raised in the French racing capital of Le Mans, Danh grew up surrounded by car and motorcycle competitions.

“It’s like Indy or Daytona in the US. All my neighbor’s raced bikes, raced cars – so, from a young age, you know … I said oh my god I want to do this,” Danh says, sitting in his offices, a large, converted sound stage and studio. “Then, as a (teenager) I came to the US as an exchange student back in ’75 and fell in love with America and the American style of motorsports.”

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Paperbikes produces NYC Motorcyclist Bike

February 9, 2018 | Rahoul Ghose

2018 is starting with a bang -- NYC Motorcyclist has partnered with @paperbikesnyc to produce a mini thruxton999, available for purchase soon at

Many thanks to Vassili for this detailed beauty which features CRG bar end mirrors for the very first time, as well as faithful renditions of the bike's rear Ohlins, its custom Benji's Cafe Racer rear cowl, its Carpy's Cafe Racers Thruxton curved license plate and auxiliary light, and an Iron Cobras Headlight stone guard to boot.

We look forward to building one ourselves.

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STS Brake Light Module detects engine braking

January 5, 2018 | Rahoul Ghose

Smart Turn System (STS) has come up with another new and smart solution to make riding safer.

While there are current solutions to blink the tail light when a bike is physically braking, the Slovenian company's recently released brake light module allows riders to indicate engine braking and downshifting for greater visibility on the road with either a flashing or steady brake light as well.

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Riding with your Pup

January 4, 2018 | Jason Simons

You may know Jason Simons and his dog Indy – short for Indiana – from their MOTO BROTHERS website, or follow them on Instagram.

Jason, with the help of The Humane Society, rescued Indy as a seven-week-old pup from a shelter in Houston, Texas. Now a grown dog, Indy shares Jason’s two-wheeled adventures across America, from long trips to Sturgis for moto rallies, to simpler (ha ha) commutes through the streets of Manhattan to work every day.

Jason generously offered to share some of his insights on what it’s like to ride with a pooch.

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ALMS: focusing on the needs of the everyday city rider

January 3, 2018 | Rahoul Ghose

What would you give up to bring a product you truly believed in to market?

ALMS co-owners Shaun and Jessica Lee went to the extreme of selling two treasured rides – a '93 Honda CBR900RR and a '97 Suzuki GSF600 Bandit – to develop a waterproof bag sized specifically for the everyday moto commuter, a system that frees up riders who normally strap on a backpack for all their carrying needs.

The 12L tail bag, which allows for extra storage with a fully adjustable exterior cargo net, hit the market late last year following a Kickstarter campaign and some much-appreciated community support.

But the couple’s Williamsburg apartment/work studio is also the inspirational home of a host of moto products including a magnetic E-ZPass holder, a tool roll and case, a moto wallet, a day pack, helmet and 5-pocket totes, and some pretty cool pins.

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Happy New Year

December 31, 2017 | Rahoul Ghose

Happy New Year and all the best for 2018 from NYC Motorcyclist. We look forward to covering lots of events in and around the city in the coming year. And we're building a great calendar of moto events for you to plan your riding schedule.

Got a New York-based Moto Event coming up? Get it on the NYC Motorcyclist Calendar by sending all the details. We'll need a brief description, a logo or artwork, contact info, and any relevant links to event websites or social media pages. You can use our handy Submission Form or just drop us an email at Cheers to an incredible year!

2017 Winding to a Close

Since the launch of in March 2017, we've hit the ground in top gear. Check out some of our Top 9 moments in the graphics above. We look forward to serving the NYC Moto Community even better in 2018. Join us for the ride.

Paperbikes: modelling moto enthusiasm

December 15, 2017 | Rahoul Ghose

Paperbikes entrepreneur Vassili Shishkin has literally gone back to the drawing board to render his love of all things motorcycle into 3D models. For the past three years, the Brooklyn-based artist and moto vlogger has created DIY paper model kits of bicycles and motos for users to buy, build and customize. A financial manager for an arts education firm during regular work hours, Vassili has even created company-specific products for the likes of Godspeed Co., New York City Motorcycles, and more recently, Dirty Billy Garage BK. Check out our recent interview with Vassili.

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Crotona Midnight Run testing NY riders’ mettle

December 11, 2017 | Rahoul Ghose

Icy winter tradition celebrates 100th anniversary Jan. 21

It’s not an event for the meek or weak of heart … picture riding in the pitch dark of a winter’s post-midnight, in sub-freezing temps, following map directions designed to trip up even the best navigators … for up to eight hours. Not your typical ‘Gumball Rally’.

Hosted by Rockland County, New York’s Ramapo Motorcycle Club (n.1938), the infamous Crotona Midnight Run celebrates a chilly century this coming January as the longest continuously run, on-road motorcycling event in the nation, with organizers expecting diehards from as far as Massachusetts, Virginia and Connecticut to attend.

The mid-winter, overnight road enduro first hit the city’s icy streets on New Year's Eve, 1917, and has been an annual trial on the winter moto calendar since, save for brief hiatuses during World War I and II.

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Keeping it simple, fun and affordable: Royal Enfield is firing on all cylinders

December 7, 2017 | Rahoul Ghose

A little over a year ago we had the privilege of sitting down with Royal Enfield North America (RENA) president Rod Copes to talk about the future of the company, new products on the horizon, plans for the US/Canadian markets and the general philosophy of the company. (NYC Motorcyclist, Oct. 2016)

Fast forward to IMS New York 2017, at the Royal Enfield NA booth, and we’re impressed with how well the company has done in the past 14 months in not only keeping to their new model release promises and their dealership expansion plans, but more importantly sticking to their philosophy of keeping it simple, fun and affordable.

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IMS New York 2017 : Gallery

November 18, 2017 | Rahoul Ghose

From Kawasaki factory racer Tom Sykes and NEXX Founder and CEO, Helder Loureiro to local standouts Meatloaf of Rockboy Choppers, Rev'it! USA's Joonil Park, Dirty Billy Garage's Adam Gallagher and the boys from Roll Up Brooklyn, this year's IMS New York was a well-rounded affair which made a real effort to reach out to the local community ... builders, motowear companies and clubs. The NY Classic Riders and NYC VIN MOTO both had a great prescence in the Vintage section while the newly added moto boutique area -- IMS SHIFT -- included several local shops ... Union Garage NYC, ALMS NYC, Breaking Hearts & Burning Rubber, Schafmayer & Company and Montclair Riding Company.

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IMS 2017 : Javits Center, NYC

We'll be at the Javits Center -- starting tomorrow for the media junket -- to capture some images and stories from this weekend's Progressive International Motorcycle Shows event. I look forward to seeing friends there from the NY Classic Riders, NYC VIN Moto, Rockboy Choppers, ALMSNYC, Via Meccanica, A&J Cycles, NEXX North America and Fusar ... to name but a few. And I hope to meet a host of new moto enthusiasts. If you see us, say hi as I'll have some pins and stickers on hand to give out. And stay tuned for our coverage from the three days.

Rewiring Your Vintage Motorcycle

November 29, 2017 | Brian Ballard

The inaugural Moto Tech Talk, our soon-to-be monthly column on all things with a motorized two-wheeled bent, features A & J Cycles' Brian Ballard tackling the lost art of rewiring your vintage motorcycle. Each month a new guest writer will contribute their advice, thoughts and opinions on issues all riders face while maintaining, upgrading or restoring their bikes.

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