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Dumpling Tour NYC supporting immigrant rights for a 3rd year

April 24, 2018 | Rahoul Ghose

New York is a city of immigrants, built on hard work, grit and the promise of a better tomorrow.

Brooklyn’s Tom Nguyen wants to celebrate and protect those migrants with the third running of the Dumpling Tour NYC – Sunday, June 3 – a group ride benefiting local immigrant resource groups who support and educate residents on their rights.

It’s a very personal goal for the 35-year-old graphic artist and food enthusiast. The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) graduate is the son of immigrants, Vietnamese War refugees who sought safety in the United States during the 1970s; Nguyen’s mother, father and grandparents fled Vũng Tàu province for their freedom and endured great hardships before finally finding safety and a home in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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V-Twin Expo @ Motorcyclepedia

April 23, 2018 | Rahoul Ghose

Did you make it out to to the V-Twin Expo April 22 at the Motorcyclepedia Museum in Newburgh, New York? Lots of great bikes inside and out on what turned out to be a great riding day. The motorcycle trade show included vendor booths from several bike manufacturers -- including Triumph, Royal Enfield, Harley Davidson, Honda, Aprilia, Indian and Kawasaki -- as well as local Triumph parts specialist Brian Ballard from A & J Cycles, who will be having his own open house in late summer (stay tuned for details).

Don't forget this week the museum -- which features 570 incredible bikes in its 85,000 sq ft facility -- is hosting a memorial event commemorating Indian Larry, April 28 from Noon to 2 PM.

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April 18, 2018 | Rahoul Ghose

Celebrating five years #THEMOTOSOCIAL – a locals-based motorcycle meetup group – is expanding to include eight branches in all: five in Canada (Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver and Edmonton), two overseas (Cape Town, South Africa and Auckland, New Zealand), and yes … you guessed … a startup in New York City.

#TheMotoSocialNEWYORK launches this spring with first-Thursday-of-the-month socials starting May 3 and running through September. Bike or no bike, everyone is welcome.

The New York-based version of the group is led by The Adventure Lab’s Vince Dickson (@VinceDickson) and Tobias Lewis (@lewis.tobias)

South African-born, Dickson has been in NYC for five years now as a model, photographer and filmmaker.

“There are a lot of motorcycles in NYC and so many small groups of friends that ride together,” Dickson says. “There aren't many big group events that bring everyone together, so I feel like it’s hard to meet people who aren't in your direct circle. I'm really looking forward to getting all these people together and forming a bigger, more social community.”

For French-native Lewis the new group is an opportunity for the various bike ‘sects’ to get together.

“The moto community is quite fascinating and weird,” Lewis says. “Everyone wants to talk to you when they see a motorcycle and explain to you how their uncle used to ride a motorcycle. It's an amazing conversation starter. However, between ‘bikers’, it can be a little different. Harleys vs crotch-rockets vs hipsters. It becomes mini subclasses, and we don't mingle enough. At the end of the day we all ride bikes, because of the feeling. We should all bond around that.”

New York’s first event is set for Thursday, May 3 … a coffee social at Maglia Rosa in Brooklyn (920 3rd Avenue) from 8 to 10 PM.

For more details visit the #THEMOTOSOCIAL New York blog and Instagram online at:     

What I See ... on the Road gets 2nd pressing

April 16, 2018 | Rahoul Ghose

Some of Debbie Fitch's favorite images have been immortalized in an 8 x 10 photo book, What I See. .. On the Road, which she self-produced … 100 pages of biker life. The first pressing sold out quickly, so Fitch has produced a second edition, now available at:

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Taking the Twisted Road to motorcycle rentals

April 16, 2018 | Rahoul Ghose

It’s an idea long in the making … an ‘airbnb’ of motorcycle rentals allowing bike owners to connect with enthusiasts looking for that special ride when they are far from local roads and their own bike.

For Twisted Road founder and CEO Austin Rothbard the concept stemmed from a very personal need.

“Two years ago, I was traveling through the Southwest, visiting our National Parks: The Grand Canyon. Horseshoe Bend. Zion. Bryce,” says Rothbard, originally from Bergen County, New Jersey. “I was cruising through Mother Nature’s playground surrounded by beauty -- in a car. I needed to experience it on my bike. But my bike was parked in my garage 1,600 miles away. This happened again when I was trying to plan a trip to Motos in Moab; I didn't have nine days off work to ride my bike there and didn't want to attend on four wheels. And then in Italy, Vespas were abundant, but Moto Guzzis were not. The shame.”

Rothbard needed to have a bike to ride when traveling; and he also wanted to take advantage of the down time for his own bike – a 2010 Moto Guzzi v7 Classic – which could be rented out to visitors in his current hometown.

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Motowear company goes to hell and back

April 13, 2018 | Rahoul Ghose

Fallen angels, outlaw bikers, cultural nods to the moto lifestyle … even a philosophy of life to rule rather than serve society’s norms. Brooklyn’s Crü Jones and Cammi Climaco drew inspiration from all of the above when launching their new clothing brand this month, featuring a moniker that draws all sorts of connotations – Lucifer’s Pride.

The biblical story of Lucifer falling from heaven to hell – so impressed with his own beauty, intelligence, power, and position that he began to desire for himself the honor and glory that belonged to God alone; the 1 per centers – outlaw motorcycle clubs sporting colors; and even musical icons … think Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

“It’s all off those things. Lucifer is a great character. I grew up Catholic, and in the Bible he had all the best lines,” says Jones, an NYC transplant originally from Independence, OH, with a penchant for vintage Hondas, rock ‘n’ roll and quiet, ironic humor.

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Motorgrrl opens ride season with an arts splash

April 12, 2018 | Rahoul Ghose

Start your engines ...

To celebrate spring ... and the end of a exacerbatingly long winter, MotorGrrl is hosting its annual season opener at their Dobbin Street, Brooklyn-based garage, Saturday, April 28 from 7-11 PM. This year the event spotlights an amazing list of talented moto artists, including the likes of Atticus Phansa, Katy Clark, Geoff Barrenger, Grace Roselli, John Saponara, Adriana De Cervantes and Lydia Roberts. All will be exhibiting their work and will have art available for purchase.

Beverages will be provided by The Brooklyn Brewery. Shenanigans will carry on all night, so come early and stay late. And pipes will be hot, so please leave the little ones at home.

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Urban, Electric Two-Wheelers Spark NYC Interest

April 9, 2018 | Rahoul Ghose

New York-based Vanguard Motorcycles has just announced a new division, created to explore the development of urban, electric two-wheeler in NYC.

The initiative sees a three-way partnership between Frederic Vasseur and his Formula-E official manufacturer company 'Spark Racing Technologies', legendary motorcycle innovator Erik Buell and his engineering team, and Vanguard co-founder Francois-Xavier Terny.

Vanguard released its first petrol-run, motorized motorcycle -- the Roadster -- last year and is currently working on a second variation of that model.

"VanguardSpark aims at filling the need for two-wheeled urban transport with performance and range far beyond that of 'pedelecs' (the assisted e-bicycles) in cities confronted with congestion and pollution, and moving rapidly to 'no gas-vehicles'", the company said in an email release Sunday.

VanguardSpark's first two products are a 'SpeedBike' - essentially a healthy and classy alternative to mopeds and small scooters, and a 'Commuter', a nimble and practical two-wheeler perfectly adapted to urban environments and capable of 150+kms before recharging.

The renderings above hint at the design direction for those products, though the company has not revealed the final designs yet.

"VanguardSpark is now working full speed ahead on innovative designs, engineering, battery technology and software - four patents are being filed - for the first functional prototypes to be shown this summer," the company's release said.

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Sorez The Scribe: Brother of the Wind and Pen

April 8, 2018 | Rahoul Ghose

For biker scribe Eddie ‘Sorez’ Pliska, poetry is as much about capturing his passion for the moto lifestyle and the raw energy of two-wheeled travel in prose, as it is about documenting determination in the face of the often-harsh struggles of life. He has had his fair share of both.

From Brooklyn, to Queens, and finally to Jersey, Sorez The Scribe – as he has been dubbed – has lived a storied life, a tale of ups and downs, in and out of biker fiefdom, made for words. Serious bike accidents, a failed marriage, lost loved ones, addiction, depression and troubles with the law have fueled the 57-year-old scribe’s lifelong discourse, a subject that always comes back to his love of riding and the ‘Brotherhood’.

It all started at a young age on the streets of East New York and Brooklyn, where Sorez was first introduced to the culture of motorcycles, when even he refers to himself as a ‘sidewalk commando’ … dressing and acting like a biker before he’d paid his proverbial ‘dues’.

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Support Local

April 5, 2018 | Rahoul Ghose

Who can forget Keino's Indian Scout build last year, a bike that debuted at the Brooklyn Invitational and toured with the IMS.

This year Indian and Hot Bike magazine are sponsoring a contest for those who build for the passion, not a paycheck. And New York's own Matt Landman has made the cut.

Now it is time to vote for the top three builders to create a one-of-a-kind Scout Bobber. Winners will be selected using a combination of fan votes and a panel of judges, including Hot Bike Editor In Chief Jordan Mastagni, builders Roland Sands and Satya Kraus, and Dime City Cycles original founder Jason Paul Michaels.

Indian Motorcycle will arm the selected top three builders with a new 2018 stock Indian Scout Bobber and provide a build budget of $10,000. The three custom Scout Bobbers will be unveiled in July, followed by a fan vote. The winner will be announced at the Legendary Buffalo Chip during the 2018 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

Support local and get your vote in today for Matt to move forward with his proposed design:

Voting continues until April 19.

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Outlier's Guild Moto Show 2018 Galleries

April 2, 2018 | Rahoul Ghose

The second coming of Los Angeles' Outlier’s Guild Moto Show hit DTLA March 31, sporting a new venue, new bikes, new art installations and live entertainment.

The concept is the brainchild of bike builder Jay LaRossa of Lossa Engineering, a high-end motorcycle show done up LA-style and highlighting some of the most exciting builders in the country in a gallery-themed setting, featuring bikes, moto art & photography, and a broad selection of vendors, including the likes of RSD, Royal Enfield, Bell Helmets, Beringer Brakes, WD-40, rizoma, Rev'it!, Indian Motorcycles, Motodoffo and Alpinestars.

Our gallery covers the bikes, art and some of the people we met over the two days (Friday, March 30 a VIP pre-opening event was held for media, builders and local VIPS).

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Garage Company Gallery

April 1, 2018 | Rahoul Ghose

Yoshi Kosaka's Garage Company is a Los Angeles moto institution, a working builder's shop/museum of parts, bikes ... gear and art, as well as a destination for group rides and moto events.

Check out some of the recent renos, including a pay-as-you-go pub, a coffee bar, new bike displays, and an improved clothing section if you're on the West Coast.

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Road to Redemption

March 21, 2018 | Sorez ther Scribe

Dedicated to the hardy NYC souls who continue to ride despite winter's refusal to let go.

From the 2010 hardcover motorcycle photography and poetry book Living The Life (Lowside Syndicate), co-authored by Doug 'Q-Ball' Barber, Road to Redemption was, and is, a self-proclamation of author Eddie Sorez's intention and determination to ride ... no matter what ... though good times and bad. Suffering through downtime with a focus in mind. To get back in the wind and RIDE.

Stay tuned to NYC Motorcyclist for an upcoming feature on this 'Brother of the Wind and Pen'.

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Stylmartin Matrix boots protecting the adventurous streak in all bikers

March 6, 2018 | Rahoul Ghose

Whether you choose to steer your two-wheeled conveyance off road -- through hills, dirt and rocks, or you negotiate the daily wiles of crosstown traffic in the proverbial ‘concrete jungle’, protective gear should always be your first consideration.

That’s not to say you can’t mix form and function, though. Enter Stylmartin’s newest entry into the motorcycle footwear fray – the ‘Matrix’.

Retailing for $375US, the Matrix is a deft tip of the hat to enduro styling and technology, combined with the comfort, design elements and materials seen in adventure touring boots.

It’s not an unexpected fusion as the European company was born out of an area – Montebelluna, Italy – known for technical ski, mountaineering, and motorcycle boots, says US Stylmartin distributor Fabrice Piard from Minneapolis, MN-based Moto&Co.

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The Passionate Eye: Debbie Fitch’s photojournalist dedication to the biker lifestyle

March 5, 2018 | Rahoul Ghose

Moto life, eternal bonds and friendships, the grit, the love of movement, the freedom of two wheels -- all are captured through the distinct eye of Baltimore, MD's Debbie Fitch, whose photos have graced the pages of an enviable list of biker magazines over the years.

But it's Fitch's time with her New York-based riding friends where her work truly hits home, affording her a personal look into local biker life and many of the living icons that have forged chopper culture for decades in the Five Boroughs. She shoots what she loves and is passionate about. And that passion shows through.

“New York City, Brooklyn, and surrounding areas such as Jersey hold some of my dearest friends, friends that would do anything for you.” Fitch says. “I always have a couch/bed and warm meals. Between Shovelhead Austin, Telly The Greek, and their amazing families, I’m never left homeless on my trips up there.”

Many of Fitch’s subjects, like Austin -- aka Brown Sugar Johnson from the American chopper documentary Sugar and Spade -- hail from a different generation than Fitch, “folks with a great history on badass choppers.”

“I love that,” she says. “They are history. They are the photo stories I want to tell. I want these young guns to see living legends and that they have been building, riding, and living the choppers lifestyle longer than those youth have been alive.”

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