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Motos and 'Moving' Photos : NYC

March 30, 2019 | Photographer: Mark Squitieri

Some images from the talented Mark Squitieri from Motos and 'Moving' Photos, March 21 at Filipacchi, featuring our three speakers: Kate O'Connor Morris, a writer/editor for the American road trip film 21 Days under the Sky; Jean Pierre (JP) Kathöfer, who debuted the first episode of his new YouTube series, ESCAPE IN THE CITY - Women riding motorcycles in NYC; and Demian Neufeld, an FAA-Licensed and Insured Drone and Airplane Pilot (SEL, PPL), who showcased some of his inspiring off-road footage from Utah.

NYC Motorcyclist Artist Spotlight: Danilo De Donno

March 29, 2019 | Rahoul Ghose

Lecce, Italy-based fashion artist Danilo De Donno is making his mark as a freelance designer and illustrator on a wide range of projects for international clients, concentrating in particular on his vintage aesthetic and mixing hand-drawn and digital designs to create unique artworks. You may recognize his prints from the Oil & Ink Expo and posters from Motos in MOAB, but his work on this side of the Atlantic has also included our very own NYC Motorcyclist logos (2016), the Motos and Photos : NYC logo (2018), as well as a host of branding for the New York Classic Riders starting in 2017, and a logo for local filmmaker Jean Pierre Kathöfer this year.

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2019 NYC Moto Spotify Playlist

March 29, 2019 | Rahoul Ghose

Getting ready for some nicer riding weather ... a two-wheeled soundscape to frame my therapy for the day.

Our Gallery from the Spring Moto Market NYC

March 25, 2019 | Rahoul Ghose

Twenty-two moto vendors and more than 300 visitors hit up the spring edition of Moto Market NYC, which took over Warehouse Studios in Industry City for this round, on March 24. Shelley Golan and co-founder Kirsten Midura also arranged a raffle with the generous help of numerous sponsors -- Triumph Brooklyn, NEXX, Shark Helmets, Aether Apparel, Union Garage ... to name a few -- in aid of local rider and DGR star Vincent Nicolai, who is currently recovering from a garage fire accident. Funds are still being tallied, Golan said.

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Motos and 'Moving' Photos : NYC -- Follow Up

March 22, 2019 | Rahoul Ghose

In the words of the immortal Steve Kamard ... its about bikes, making friends and community. He's in a good space ... and so are we at Motos and Photos : NYC.

Thank you to all who helped make Motos and Photos, Part 3 a great success last night, including our speakers -- Kate Morris O'Connor, Jean Pierre (JP) Kathöfer and Damien Neufeld, our special submissions from Steve Kamrad and John Saponara, our sponsors -- Filipacchi, Oficina Latina NYC, ICON, Lucifer's Pride, Godspeed Company and Motoveli Magazine, our volunteer extraordinaire Mony Ty ... and all of you who attended.

If you missed out we have features online here for Kate Morris O'Connor and JP Kathöfer (including the first episode of ESCAPE IN THE CITY - Women Riding Motorcycles in NYC. You can see more of Demian Neufeld's work at:

Steve Kamrad's submission is available on YouTube, while the link to his raffle to boost the gofundme for Vincent Nicolai can be found here.

John Saponara's film 46mm will be making the film festival circuit. And finally due to the generosity of our sponsors and those who purchased raffle tickets, Motos and Photos : NYC will be adding $410 to the gofundme for Vincent Nicolai:

Ryan Snelson (Motoveli Magazine), Kirsten Midura (Moto Market NYC), Mike Higgins (Godspeed Company), and myself (NYC Motorcyclist) are grateful for all the community's support. Put April 25 on your calendar for MANDP Part 4, where we will profile three more photographers and their work. Details soon.

NYC Motorcyclist Artist Spotlight | Caroline Perron

March 15, 2019 | Rahoul Ghose

You may have seen Caroline Perron's moto illustration work at several major biking events this past year: Milwaukee, WI's 115th Anniversary Harley-Davidson event and Mama Tried Motorcycle Show, the American Flat Track Series, and even promoting New York's own Appalachian Moto Jam snow hill climb. The Montreal, Quebec-based illustrator's work combines a love of motorcycling -- the grit and excitement of track racing -- with an element of whimsy ... adding a moto theme to recognizable art pieces such Andy Warhol’s famous Campbell’s soup can, and even the HMV/RCA gramophone logo.

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ESCAPE IN THE CITY - Women Riding Motorcycles in NYC

March 5, 2019 | Rahoul Ghose

A 30-something German who has been living in NYC since 2015, Jean Pierre Kathöfer – ‘JP’ – works in the tech world and is an avid motorcyclist, videographer and community-builder. With a passion for motorcycles – he owns a 2012 Suzuki DRZ400 and a 1978 Yamaha SR500 – JP spends much of his free time riding street, dirt, and adventure. He runs a YouTube channel and an Instagram feed to highlight these motorcycle adventures and projects.

JP will debut footage from his latest series -- ESCAPE IN THE CITY - Women riding motorcycles in NYC -- at Motos and 'Moving' Photos : NYC, March 21 at Filipacchi. Read our pre-interview with him.

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A Writer's Take on 21 Days Under the Sky

March 4, 2019 | Rahoul Ghose

A contributing writer to La Motocyclette and Craftrad, Kate O'Connor Morris penned the Fox Searchlight film 21 Days Under the Sky (Netflix Original, 2016), an unconventional true story about those men who won't conform. Four guys meet in San Francisco to start a 3,800-mile ride down the Lincoln Highway – the oldest coast-to-coast route connecting the east to the west. They are riding vintage 'choppers'; bikes prone to break down or run out of gas. Through the highs and lows of a long journey, this story examines the timeless American love affair with the motorcycle and an even greater American tradition: the road trip. Kate rode the entire route with the film subjects, wearing a single pair of jeans, with no tent, and writing along the way.

The writer/photographer/filmmaker speaks about her experiences at Motos and 'Moving' Photos : NYC, March 21 at Filipacchi. Enjoy a brief interview we did with her recently.

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The Gritty World of Otter LaRouche

Feb. 28, 2019 | interview: Rahoul Ghose || photo: Stephen Sutter

Jesse Padilla -- aka Otter LaRouche -- prides himself on taking the analog version of photography as far as it will go. His style, particularly when he documents moto culture, tends to drift toward black and white, high contrast, sometimes grainy images. Padilla is attracted to vintage tech, whether it's the film cameras he uses or the classic cars and motorcycles he favors when shooting. For his NYC Motorcyclist gallery, the Los Angeles-born, 40-something pored over 1000s of images, scanning negatives from his back catalogue of work. It's the first time these images have been showcased publicly.

He is also currently working on a coffee-table book, a historical rider’s guide to motorcycle routes from the Carolinas to Maine, highlighting landscape images he shot of the areas and the roads along the way.

We recently caught up with Padilla to talk about his driven enthusiasm for film photography, moto culture, his musician’s past, and what the future holds for him behind the lens … his answers are often as gritty as his images.

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Moto Culture in England & Ireland : Gallery

Feb. 21, 2019 | Rahoul Ghose

Taking a trip across the pond is an eye-opening experience for an NYC-based moto enthusiast. The culture in both London and Dublin is definitely more supportive of the two-wheeled commuter, offering motorcyclists both designated parking areas (some with locking mounts built right into the street) as well as leeway to leave your ride on the pavement (sidewalk), parked near bicycles. London's downtown is filled with motorcycle delivery services, as well as an interesting mix of ADV rides, scooters and low displacement single cylinder bikes, most with 'L' stickers prominently mounted to show the lowest 'beginners' tier of motorcycle licensing. Dublin, though smaller, showed similar trends.

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Two Journeys Collide: Corinna Mantlo

Jan. 29, 2019 | Rahoul Ghose

Founder of Via Meccanica (leather upholstery), Cine Meccanica, the Motorcycle Film Festival, The MISS-FIRES CC/MC … and currently a Wall of Death and Lucky Devil Hell Drivers Thrill Show participant and future performer …

Corinna Mantlo's life and career have taken an interesting journey through photography & cinematography, shining a light on issues close to her heart, to creating events and formats which celebrate moto culture, to immersing herself in the moto counterculture, and finally to preserving that moto lifestyle as a film curator with The Vintagent.

The New York native shared that personal adventure through photos – some hers, and some shot by people she has worked and shared experiences with – at Motos and Photos NYC : Part Deux at Filipacchi, Jan. 24.

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Motos and Photos NYC : January Submissions Winners

Jan. 25, 2018

Congrats to our Motos and Photos NYC submission winners last night. Dave Ngo took home top honors for his late night shoot with Shaun Lee in Manhattan.

"This submission takes place in a location that's impossible to photograph badly: The Irish potato famine monument in Battery Park City," Ngo said. "Perspective and strong lines will always be good to look at. This is a place where thousands of tourists photograph every day, but it is super deserted in the evening ... especially when it's January and cold. I came by with Shaun and grabbed this shot after a few test shots and left within a few minutes. I was very pleased about the pee on the floor behind his bike as that's a real quality of this city. And it also breaks up some of the dead space of the image with a white reflection."

Ngo took home a Rough & Loyal NEWTON PARKER cap, valued at $85, donated by

Two entries tied for second place in the votes: Taryn Nycek's 1966 Ducati Scrambler 250 and Allister "Anatoli Kovalevsh" Klingensmith's image of a workshop.

"Once used as an apparel rack in a Vermont moto shop - this Ducati is now a fully functioning, old rugged bike that starts first kick in the dead of Winter," Nycek said.

"While its not often glamorous, getting prepared to ride is a huge part of riding," Klingensmith said about his entry. "Broken bits, worn parts and dirty oil all mean time and effort spent to fix, let alone learning how. Running through the maintenance schedule isn’t anybody’s favorite Sunday, and certainly not on a sunny Sunday. Here's to just enough cold and rainy days every year... and riding the rest."

Klingensmith and Nycek took home a newly silk-screened Motoveli Magazine tee ... braap, braap.

With a two-way tie for second, we jumped from third to fourth ... where judging produced another two-way tie; Haim Bargig's image of Moto Market NYC creators Shelley Golan & Kirsten Midura outside of Jane Motorcycles in 27F weather tied in points with Girard Fox's Long Island City snap of his latest ride.

Finally the judging panel chose three images for Honorable Mention at Motos and Photos NYC : Part Deux: Phillip St. Pierre's shot of his bike near a frozen lake with a quartet of swans in tow; Joseph Zolnowsky image of a 2018 Janus Gryffin, photographed at Paterson Great Falls National Historic Park on New Year’s Day 2019 with iPhone 6Plus; and Mark Squitieri's image of his friend John waiting to get going before the start of the 2019 Isle of Manhattan ride.

The easiest way to get your image entered in future events is to tag it with #motosandphotosnyc on Instagram. But we also have an online form:

NOTE: If you're using the form, once you've attached your image remember to click the 'Begin Upload' button.

Humanizing Motorcyclists : Behind the Lens of John Saponara

Jan. 24, 2019 | Rahoul Ghose

Whether it’s shooting the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, immortalizing the characters he met on a cross-country road tour, or more recently making a statement with portraits on the state of motorcycling in the city, local photographer John Saponara approaches his art with a common ethos: tell a story, keep it accurate and real, respect the subjects you are shooting, and always be mindful of photography’s history and importance.

The 42-year-old Yonkers-native’s latest ongoing project, tentatively titled ‘Humanizing Motorcyclists’, itself embraces Saponara’s relatively recent involvement with the NYC motorcycling community, and in particular the Motofellas MC.

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Go West Young Man ... Go West

Jan. 3, 2019 | Rahoul Ghose

As a new year begins and the chill in the air becomes more entrenched, the mind wanders to warmer climates and to those moto locals who’ve recently been enticed by the riding paradise known as California.

2018 saw a least three local movers and shakers shifting gear to set up in the Golden State: New Jersey’s Sy Romeo of Montclair Riding Co., Gold Ghost Motorcycles’ Gabe Guerena, and, more recently Gentlemen’s Corner owner Chris Hausberger.

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