NYC Motorcyclist Artist Spotlight | Caroline Perron |

You may have seen Caroline Perron's moto illustration work at several major biking events this past year: Milwaukee, WI's 115th Anniversary Harley-Davidson event and Mama Tried Motorcycle Show, the American Flat Track Series, and even promoting New York's own Appalachian Moto Jam snow hill climb. The Montreal, Quebec-based illustrator's work combines a love of motorcycling -- the grit and excitement of track racing -- with an element of whimsy ... adding a moto theme to recognizable art pieces such Andy Warhol’s famous Campbell’s soup can, and even the HMV/RCA gramophone logo.

"I come from a family where art is considered as a real job," Perron said in a recent interview. "My father was an artist, also my uncles, so it was just natural to follow their path."

The love of motorcycles as a theme for her work came about during a trip to the UK: "I had the pleasure of meeting Guy Martin at the Dirt Quake event ... the community was so enthusiastic, crazy ... That was a turning point ... I started to paint crazy flat track moments there."

Since then, Perron -- who works with watercolours and sharpies, as well as creating illustrations with her iPad -- has shown throughout Canada, the US as well as parts of Europe and Asia.

"All moto events are a gift moment for me ... but last year it was the 115th Harley Davidson anniversary and I had the chance to present seven pieces of artwork over a month in Milwaukee. It was a crazy adventure."

She also shared a booth at Mama Tried with North Dakota's Vanilla Cycles.

"It was definitely a weekend that I won’t forget for the rest of my life. I have a crush on that city."

Perron says she starts with an original idea for a work and then often looks for a moto image to reference so she can realize that vision. Combined pieces ... which re-purpose other non-related and recognizable artworks, are often done with a sense of humor in mind.

"I’m the happy illustrator and happy things pop up in my head ... after that I research images ... then, BINGO, we have a new, funny creation."

  I come from a family where art is considered as a real job. My father was an artist, also my uncles, so it was just natural to follow their path.

-- Caroline Perron, Artist

Collaborations with Califonia's Socal Hooligans, Mama Tried's Flat Out Friday, and flat track racer Jeffrey Carver Jr. (#23) have produced a series of racing paintings. And more recently Perron was invited to participate in the Helmets for India campaign, a charity initiative to change the safety situation and culture for motorcyclists in that country. She was one of only 25 artists from around the globe invited to customize a helmet, with the full collection slated to be shown at major moto events in Europe and Asia through 2019.

Currently Perron is getting ready for Ontario, Canada's 5th Annual Freedom Machine Vintage, Custom and Antique Moto Show in July. She will continue to produce her popular line of art coffee mugs and even has hopes of producing an art book in the future. Check out some of Perron’s stunning artwork below. Her work, including coffee mugs, is available for purchase on Etsy.