Timeless, character-driven portraits of man and machine ... Dean 'Chooch' Landry captures a unique 4x5 slice of life through the lens of an antique 1923 Auto-Graflex camera. Known as much for his expressive live band shots as he is for his moto culture imagery, Landry is a frequent and welcome visual documentarian of events such at The Race of Gentleman and The Lot vintage bike show, and a regular DICE magazine contributor. The calm ease in his photos belies the difficulty in capturing them without the aid of a modern camera ... whether it's the weight of his equipment, dealing with longer exposure times and large film shuttles ... or even the post darkroom development and subsequent digitization of shots. But the end product makes it all worthwhile.

“When you force yourself to go outside your comfort zone, and meet people, then those are the relationships that sometimes make it so worth it. I think that part of photography is huge for me and something that I love," Landry said in a recent interview with the art and culture website Juztapoz.