Dirty Billy Garage Open House Gallery | RAHOUL GHOSE

NYC Motorcyclist showed up early for the Dirty Billy kickoff open house and potluck event Nov. 18 in Williamsburg and had the pleasure of meeting with not only garage visionary Adam Gallagher, but also his family, who had travelled from as far as California to show support. The boutique private garage has already signed on six riders and their bikes (of a possible 13 available spaces) for what Gallagher is still dubbing 'a social experiment' of sorts ... a co-working garage where members can work on common projects and store their bikes, and a social space for riders to decompress after group rides with the likes of the NY Classic Riders and Moto Fellas NYC. It's a dream which has taken several years to come to fruition ... and where the journey will lead, Gallagher isn't sure, yet. He's just tickled to have his own private space to tinker and build. Come spring and riding season on the East Coast, look for several new, cool urban rides to hit the local roads, he says. For more on Dirty Billy Garage, or to inquire about spots in the facility, visit their website and social media: