Brakes and Rotors Workshop @ MotorGrrl Garage Gallery | RAHOUL GHOSE

One of the mandates of NYC Motorcyclist is rider education; we're a firm believer in encouraging the DIY attitude in all motorcycle owners, whether it means doing your own maintenance, or just simply knowing how your ride works so you can identify issues before they become hazards.

So, with Spring on the horizon, we hit @MotorGrrl Garage for a little advice and practice on changing out brake pads and cleaning up those grungy calipers. Moto enthusiast Jason Hodrinsky (@jhodro) and wrenching genius Adam Slade treated the small group to a hands on workshop where the front and rear brakes on two Ducatis -- a Monster and a Scrambler -- were given some love.

Other courses on the day included 'oil changes' and 'chain & sprocket maintenance'. Garage owner Val Figarella says the courses serve to give riders the confidence to do regular maintenance and checks on their bikes. Moto education gives you the power to look after your own safety.