Sturgis Motorcyle Rally 2018 : Gallery | ANTHONY PHILIP FESTA

With the 2019 incarnation of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally just around the corner -- Aug. 2 to 11 -- we turned to an NYC Motorcyclist contributing photographer -- Anthony Festa -- for a gallery of images capturing the essence of the annual biker pilgrimage. Festa and his buddy Jamie took four days to make the trip from New York to the Buffalo Chip at this time last year, battling bad weather and high winds, conditions which even claimed his tent. The local moto photographer was invited to show some of his work at The Passion Built Show, "a truly humbling" experience," he said. The pair managed to explore, and shoot several events including a Dyna show, The Wall of Death, stunt riders, and the Spirit of Sturgis racing event co-founded by Brittney Olsen.

"The event was massive," Festa said. "Baggers as far as the eye can see, more trikes than I think I've ever seen, and several with v8 engines. Very few vintage bikes, though I missed a few events dedicated for those. Everyone we met was kind and open. I'd certainly do it again, but likely completely different."