THE ONE MOTO SHOW 2020 : Gallery | RYAN HANDT (words and photos)

This year was different. This year was a big test. This year I wouldn’t freeze my ass off. Thor made it clear the previous year, things would change, get bigger, maybe get the show and the races under one roof. He did, and it changed everything. In past years, the show was in old factories. The charm of the locations, mixed with the custom motorcycles felt right. They had their touch, which I personally loved for the light that would streak through in the early hours of the day. But it was cold and hard on your feet. After a three days full of touring the show, your feet were two sizes bigger and ice packs. There was also the luxurious trek up the the 1 Pro race in Salem. While I love the atmosphere of track, it was a distance not everyone could travel, leaving some people out of the fun.

So, with 2020, Thor ushered in the new and much improved, The ONE Moto Show in the Veterans Memorial Colosseum. With anything new, there will be growing pains. But I believe it was a hell of a first go. Retaining the grassroots feel of the show, while upping the scale is not an easy feat. From a large cavernous hall, full of custom motorcycles, you could take a couple of steps and be in the arena. Watching dirt-flinging flat track racing, without having to brave the bone-soaking cold, wet environment of the Pacific Northwest winter, is delightful. I cannot wait to see what rabbits Thor pulls out of his hat next year.


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