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For biker scribe Eddie ‘Sorez’ Pliska, poetry is as much about capturing his passion for the moto lifestyle and the raw energy of two-wheeled travel in prose, as it is about documenting determination in the face of the often-harsh struggles of life. He has had his fair share of both.

Here is August's exclusive piece, titled Ride On, deftly capturing the rider-bike relationship through good times and bad. You can always draw hope and inspiration from the saddle of a motorcycle.

Sorez, who has a new book of poetry out now, has graciously agreed to pen some inspiration for the NYC Motorcyclist community each month. You can read more about Sorez in a feature NYC Motorcyclist published in the spring of 2018.

Ride On

Like wrinkles on my skin,
There is rust upon my ride.
She gets rode hard and put away wet,
This ol' hard tail of mine.
I'm twenty years her senior,
Catching miles, after years of downtime.
As my hair thins and graybeard turns white.
She rattles my bones grinding potholes,
I slide her through snow drifts,
Sometimes, she overheats in the sun.
She runs, I ride, we fly.
Two wheels and open roads.
Soaring through life on the edge.
Twisting throttle in the fast lane,
Drag pipes overcoming sounds of sorrow,
Riding forward past tomorrow,
Another day in the wind, out there riding,
Doing everything I can, to stay alive.
For one more day, one more mile,
And another chance, to get things right.

Eddie ‘Sorez’ Pliska

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  1. Rahoul Ghose, NYC Motorcyclist

    With the new NYC Motorcyclist site launched, Sorez the Scribe's collection of poems has its own section. So you can check out all of his past missives, from one page. We are honored as always to have Eddie as part of the team.

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