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For biker scribe Eddie ‘Sorez’ Pliska, poetry is as much about capturing his passion for the moto lifestyle and the raw energy of two-wheeled travel in prose, as it is about documenting determination in the face of the often-harsh struggles of life. He has had his fair share of both.

Here is Sorez's exclusive July piece, titled SINCERITY, a poem we commissioned to express those feelings you get when life takes you in a new direction, and you're pushed to leave a place you love. As usual, Sorez's words hit the emotional mark, and we're honored to have him continue as our local scribe even as we start publication of the site from the City of Angels.

Sorez, a contributing writer for Outlaw Biker Magazine who also has a popular book of poetry out, graciously pens some inspiration for the NYC Motorcyclist community each month. You can read more about Sorez in a feature NYC Motorcyclist published in the spring of 2018.


Winds of change upon the horizon
Cannot move forward holding onto the past
City streets a war zone of potholes
Roads were paved just did not last
Things were good better than most
Had few complaints so there is a love lost
But the wind is calling a new horizon awaits
Towards a better future and brighter days
A two wheel journey heart and soul
Friends and family held very close
Some things important are never let go
The passion to work, the wind and the road
To give to others all you can give
There is no other better way to live
Thruxton ride on, on down the road
Safe miles clear roads South Cali bound
Good vibes and good karma wherever you go
You’ve worked hard and earned it, paid in full.

Eddie ‘Sorez’ Pliska

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