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For biker scribe Eddie ‘Sorez’ Pliska, poetry is as much about capturing his passion for the moto lifestyle and the raw energy of two-wheeled travel in prose, as it is about documenting determination in the face of the often-harsh struggles of life. He has had his fair share of both.

Celebrating two years as an NYC Motorcyclist scribe, here is Sorez's exclusive November piece, titled Now Somewhere Bound, about changing seasons and respecting your past while keeping your two wheels pointed toward a positive and productive future.

Sorez, who has a popular book of poetry out, graciously agreed to pen some inspiration for the NYC Motorcyclist community each month. You can read more about Sorez in a feature NYC Motorcyclist published in the spring of 2018.

Now Somewhere Bound

A tank full of gas
On fresh paved roads
Miles to ride
Highway roaming
Knees in the breeze
Riding towards fall
Summer’s past tense
Gone not forgotten
How’d I wind up
So far away
From the darkness
Of yesterday
Kept on giving
‘Till nothing was left
Kept on riding
Through past & regret
Finally escaped
From whence I had come
Past the gates of hell
Now somewhere bound

Eddie ‘Sorez’ Pliska

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