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Events Calendar Update

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With the COVID-19 vaccination rates going up in the city, and group-based event restrictions slowly easing up, we are seeing a host of annual moto events returning to NYC this season. As always, we will do our best to keep you up to date on the latest developments and event announcements. If you do decide to attend an event, we still encourage you to do so safely, following current CDC guidelines, practicing social distancing, and wearing a mask to prevent the spread of COVID-19 when necessary. Event posts on the NYC Motorcyclist calendar are a community service. Postings do not reflect an endorsement of events and should not be construed as supporting any group moto gatherings that ignore safety protocols during this pandemic.

Seasons Greetings from NYC Motorcyclist

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Seasons Moto Greetings — Adobe Stock

No matter how you celebrate, wishing all of you in the moto community Happy Holidays and the very best for 2022. We have high hopes to ramp up our editorial coverage again next year after a slow second half of 2021 ... health issues and work commitments definitely hindered writing and event coverage. But we're back on track and looking forward to highlighting the incredible NYC two-wheeled family. Keep the rubber side down.

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Godspeed Co Releases New Java Fuel

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GSCo Diner Mug and accompanying GSCo Corner Booth Blend of coffee — Rahoul Ghose

A different type of café racer — of the hot beverage variety — is on the road for caffeine enthusiasts now, just in time for the holiday gift shopping season. Our friends at Godspeed Co continue their deferential tip of the hat to American heritage design and manufacturing with the release of their new GSCo Diner Mug and accompanying GSCo Corner Booth Blend of coffee.

Already known for introducing the shop rag shirt, inspired by the iconic rag found in garages, factories and back pockets the world over, Godspeed Co's latest offering is "a proud salute to all the roadside joints that serve up a piping hot cup of joe from sea to shining sea," says NYC vintage aficionado and motorcycle buff Mike Higgins, one of the company's three partners.

With ‘We Will Not Go Quietly’ emblazoned on its base — channeling Dylan Thomas’ famous poem Do not go gentle into that good night in the company’s zeitgeist to preserve and celebrate history — the mug has a sturdy yet ergonomic feeling one would associate with a vintage café racer … solid, classic, clean lines, branded with a racing check pattern. And, of course, the mug fits the hand like a glove.

"Our search for the classic coffee cup led us to an Ohio River town ... and American Mug & Stein Company," Higgins adds. "Known as the 'Texas Teacup', this mug boasts a hefty size, unique handle, and sturdy ceramic created by resurrecting an archived casting mold. Hand cast, finished and glazed in the centuries-old tradition, it’s ready to take on a giant pour of your favorite pick me up."

Originally founded as Pioneer Pottery in 1935, The American Mug & Stein Company of East Liverpool, Ohio is one of only two manufacturers of handmade ceramics left in America. Once the country’s center of ceramic production, its proximity to the river and the area’s abundance of yellow clay led to East Liverpool earning the nickname, the 'Pottery Capital'. Specializing in the manufacture of hand cast coffee mugs and German beer steins, they are now a small but proud factory using the same time-honored methods that made the town famous.

The GSCo Diner Mug Features

  • Retails for $28 in the Godspeed Co web store
  • 15 oz Liquid Capacity
  • Bold Screen Printed Graphics
  • Hand Cast & Glazed
  • Heavy, 1.2 Pound Ivory Ceramic
  • Finger Perch Handle
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made by American Mug & Stein in East Liverpool, OH

But no mug is complete without a generous pouring of java ... enter the GSCo Corner Booth Blend.

"Rolling up to a roadside Diner for a cup of joe is a decidedly American experience," Higgins says. "Coffee-obsessed ourselves, we wanted to embrace the history and create our own homage to the diner culture that created another very American pastime – the coffee break.”

"Inspired by the warmth of an oversized mug in your hands, the whiff of a fresh brewed pot, and the quip of the waitress topping off that bottomless cup, our CORNER BOOTH BLEND is, for us, the everyday sipper. A custom-made blend of Columbian, Costa Rican and Guatemalan beans it’s bold and flavorful to wake you up, but medium roasted to go down smooth, mug after mug.”

A 12-oz bag — whole or ground beans — runs you $18. The medium roasted blend, combining Columbian, Costa Rican and Guatemalan beans, is made by Chris’ Coffee in Albany, New York.

“Started in the back of El Camino Super Sport, Chris' Coffee has grown from a handshake agreement in 1975 to become one of the area best sources of locally roasted beans, as well as a leading importer of Italian-made home espresso machines,” Higgins says. “A local guy at heart, Chris Nachtrieb turned an entrepreneurial spirit and his love of coffee into a respected and thriving family business and proudly supplies specialty roasted and custom blended coffee to the Tri-State's best restaurants, cafés and classic diners.”

A gift pack with coffee and a mug is also available for $40. Don’t wait too long. Production is in small batches and supplies will go quickly.

Visit for more details.

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In Memory of the Fallen

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Let We Forget

Sacrifice, honor, duty ... a generation of people knew and understood what needed to be done to protect the world and preserve the common good. It seems like a lifetime ago for some today. But we must always be thankful, reflect upon and remember those who put their lives on the line ... allowing us the freedoms we enjoy today. Now more than ever we must look back to move forward, learn the lessons of the past, and forge a future that recognizes all peoples needs, rights and freedoms regardless of race, color, creed, religion or sexual orientation.

It's the very least we can do to honor those who fought in our name.

#remembranceday #memorialday #nov11 #reflectonthesacrifices #honorthefallen #wearethankful

9/11 20th Anniversary

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Never Forget

We honor those that lost their lives two decades ago on this day in NYC ... and stand shoulder to shoulder with the survivors, families and emergency services in remembrance of 9/11 ... the sacrifices, the courage and the spirit of a city that will #neverforget.

#911 #neverforget #twotowers #nyc

2021 IMS Outdoors NYC Event Cancelled

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Brooklyn Army Terminal was to host 2021 New York IMS Outdoors event

As a result of of New York's recent decision to enforce proof of vaccination and rapid testing for public events of scale, IMS has cancelled their New York event scheduled for Sept. 3-5 at the Brooklyn Army Terminal in Sunset Park.

"This is a choice that we firmly believe is in the best interest of our attendee and exhibit communities for both their safety and event experience," IMS officials said in an Aug. 5 press release. "Based on a recent survey of our long-time New York IMS audience, we strongly believe these restrictions will have a negative impact on the overall attendance, and we will not deliver the quantity and quality attendance our customers, both exhibitor and attendee, are expecting."

Attendees who have purchased tickets will be fully refunded in seven to 10 days.

"We remain confident that the other Progressive IMS Outdoors events on the 2021 schedule, each with less restrictive health and safety mandates, will continue as planned, including the Pennsylvania event happening Sept. 10-12 at the Carlisle Fairgrounds."

The Pennsylvania event is approximately three hours by car or motorcycle from NYC, or you can take the train.

For more information you can read the Official IMS FAQ.

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NYC Moto: 4 1/2 Years In

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For the Love of Moto

Rally For Rangers Between The Legs gofundme

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Motorcycles for Mongolia

Sarah Taylor's favorite thing in the world is riding motorcycles. In 2021, she will have the opportunity to share this passion with a community in need.

Every year, a group of intrepid adventurers from around the world band together to deliver new motorcycles to rangers patrolling the Mongolian heartland. Without these precious vehicles, park rangers working tirelessly to protect ecologically important regions would have to patrol thousands of miles on foot or horseback. Led by former US National Park Ranger Robert 'Mac' McIntosh, these motorcyclists make their week-long journey from the Mongolian capital of Ulaanbaatar to Otgontenger National Park, passing through stunning vistas like the Flaming Cliffs, Ongiin Khiid Monastery and the Singing Sand Dunes.

As a selected Rally for Rangers 2021 volunteer, Sarah has been tasked with raising $11,000. The funds will allow her to purchase a vehicle to donate, travel to the area, journey through Eastern Mongolia, and personally deliver the motorcycle to a park ranger in a hand-off ceremony.

It would mean a great deal to her, the BTLpodcast, and the rangers, to have your support. As of August 5 she's more than two-thirds of her way to meeting the $11K goal.

Goal: $11,000    By: September 2021   gofundme:

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Happy July 4

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Happy Independnce Day

We at NYC Motorcyclist wish all a safe July 4th. Be happy for the benefits democracy affords you in life but never lose sight of how easy it is for those freedoms to be curtailed. The price of peace is eternal vigilance.

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Two Wheel Tuesday: Summer Kickoff

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Live Music, Food, Beer

Go big or go home ... as they say.

A special edition of Two Wheel Tuesday hits Brooklyn's Skyline Drive-In July 6, featuring performances from Daddy Long Legs, Fiona Silver and Honor Among Thieves. It's Live Music, Food and Beer in one of the nicest 2WT settings you can image, along the shores of the East River looking at the Manhattan skyline.

The Summer Kick-off 'moto enthusiasts' event is currently looking for sponsors. Message for details.

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Memorial Day 2021

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Never Forget

We at NYC Motorcyclist today honor those who sacrificed to allow us the luxury of the freedoms we enjoy today.

#neverforget #memorialday #honorthefallen #respect #bethankful

Brooklyn Army Terminal NYC's 2021 IMS Outdoors Venue

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Brooklyn Army Terminal to host 2021 New York IMS Outdoors event

The Brooklyn Army Terminal in Sunset Park was announced today as the official venue for the Progressive IMS Outdoors New York event – Sept 3 to 5 – one of nine locations on the 2021 IMS tour which runs from mid-July through the end of October.

“The IMS family cannot wait to bring the powersports community together at our shows, including both returning and new members,” said Tracy Harris, senior vice-president, IMS. “Each venue across our tour allows our IMS team, alongside our sponsors, including title sponsor Progressive, and exhibiting OEMs and brands, to offer incredibly unique experiences to our attendees. No matter who walks the grounds, there will be something geared toward your liking.”

Attractions and event specifics will be released when tickets go on sale April 22 at

As with past tours, attendees can look forward to seeing hundreds of the latest street bikes, dirt bikes, cruisers, scooters, ATVs and much more from leading manufacturers, including Indian Motorcycles, Royal Enfield, Yamaha Motorcycles, Zero Motorcycles, and Harley-Davidson (which will be showcasing its new 2021 Pan America 1250), as well as first-time exhibiting manufacturers like Beta Motorcycles. Attendees will be also able to interact with leading brands in the electric mobility space, including Giant Bicycles, FLX Bike – which will be exhibiting its exciting e-bike line, and Miles Board electric skateboards.

The tour will welcome back a number of tour-wide exhibiting brands including Arai, Cycle Gear, Enginehawk, Explorify Rentals & Tours, HJC, J&P Cycles, LiquiMoly, Michelin, National Cycle Inc., Ruroc Helmets, and Yuasa, among others.

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NYC Motorcyclist Celebrates 4th Anniversary

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Proudly Covering the NYC Moto Community

While NYC Motorcyclist first found a web foothold as a section in an LA-based moto website in late 2016, the community-based site fully launched in March 2017, making this our fourth anniversary covering the NYC moto scene with features, news, photographer, filmmaker and artist profiles, galleries, events calendars, club listings and links. The site is nearing 300 pages after a mid-pandemic complete redesign last year, and we have more than 3,000 followers on Instagram and 1,200+ followers on Facebook. Our original concept was providing what amounts to a community newspaper online for NYC motorcyclists ... and that will remain our primary mission, thanks in no small part to our sponsors: A & J Cycles and Filipacchi.

We are also very thankful to have our current grouping of advisors and contributors, some of whom have been with us from the very start: Corinna Mantlo, Mike Higgins, Ryan Snelson, Mark Squitieri, Sorez the Scribe, JP Kathoefer, Kirsten Midura, Brian Ballard, Ryan Handt and Anthony Philip Festa. (Read more about them on the About Us page) And were grateful to our supporters and frequent viewers ... at last count 50K per month.

We are proud to be part of this community and look forward to providing you with lots of new content this coming year. Hopefully our current COVID situation will start to ease up in March and April with the vaccine becoming more readily accessible, and we'll see more events this summer and fall. I know my camera has been itching to capture some moto ride and show shots. See you out there and keep the rubber side down.

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Split'n Lanes Dodgin' Gutters moves to Asbury, NJ

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Split'n Lanes Dodgin' Gutters

It's back ... congrats to our Basket Case Productions friends Girard Fox (@road_oiler) and Tim Warner (@seeeverything) for their new SL&DG venue and time slot. The annual Split'n Lanes & Dodgin' Gutters Classic Motorcycle Show -- usually held at Brooklyn Bowl in Williamsburg -- fell victim to COVID-19 closures last year.

2021 sees a new venue and a weekend outdoors format with the event heading to Long Tall Shorty's in Asbury, NJ, Aug. 20 to 22.

From the Basket Case Productions Crew:
"We had to get creative ... with absolutely NO plan in place for reopening music venues ... it became clear the Brooklyn Bowl wouldn't happen this year. Long Tall Shorty's is run by Mel Stultz, who also runs 'The Race of Gentlemen'. So it's a good fit for all of us. Expanding outdoors sounds fun .... but a full weekend is a little daunting, and certainly presents some challenges!"

We'll have a more complete feature on when more details become available.

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Happy New Year

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2021 Salutations

Stay safe, stay strong. Wishing our readers, followers, supporters, contributors and sponsors all the best in 2021. For those we've worked with over the past troubled year, we look forward to continued partnerships and successes. We also hope to live up to our mandate of promoting and covering the NYC moto community, and inspiring those within to achieve great things. Cheers to a new year of moto adventures and camaraderie. As always, we welcome comments, suggestions and submissions from you ... any ideas you think will make a valuable resource in your daily moto lives. Feel free to email us at

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