Motos & Photos Night : NYC

Motos & 'Moving' Photos Night : NYC


We're building a community of NYC-based motorcycle photographers, filmmakers and artists promoting interchange, common events, mentorship, education and inspiring content through a regular, off-season photo night here in the city. The event brings together moto enthusiasts/creators to socialize and talk about riding and shooting ... we'll have profiled guests speaking about their experiences, inspirations and advice, and a regular panel discussing moto-photo related topics. Season 1 featured talks with Grace Roselli, Dean 'Chooch' Landry, Mike Higgins, John Saponara, Allan Tannenbaum, Corinna Mantlo, Kate O'Connor Morris, Jean Pierre (JP) Kathöfer, Demian Neufeld, Jesse Padilla, Ryan Handt and Douglas Thompson.


Kickstarter HQ -- in Greenpoint, Brooklyn -- will host our first event of the 2019/20 season, Thursday, December 5. This event will be ticketed. Doors open at 6:30 PM with the event set to start at 7 PM sharp, and running to 10 PM.

Gracing the stage in December will be:

  • Mark Squitieri: Mark Squitieri is a published lifestyle, fashion and portrait photographer based out of New York City whose work includes a wealth of stunning moto product shots. Squitieri started riding at the age of 20 and has never regretted that decision, as his love for photography these days is now combined with a passion for motorcycles, a pairing that has opened up a new world of opportunity. Born and raised in NYC his whole life, Squitieri has been involved in photography in some form or other for more than two decades. But the last three years, in particular, have been his greatest in terms of growth, skill and professionalism, with his main goal always being to capture emotion and beauty in his images.
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  • Lydia Roberts: Comic book illustration, motorcycles and Brooklyn: a trifecta Lydia Robotica – or Lydia Roberts as she is known in this mortal coil – has blazed her path through over the past five years. With work that draws on sci-fi, horror / fantasy and moto themes, the 31-year-old School of Visual Arts graduate (BFA Cartooning and Illustration) says at the most basic level she just hopes to inspire people in the same way artists and people in general have inspired her. Roberts will talk about her work (illustration, painting, design and hand lettering), her passion for motorcycles – on road and off road, and how her life’s journey has influenced her as an artist.
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  • The Illestrator: The Brooklyn, NYC-based motovlogger -- "getting into shits and giggles for shits and giggles" -- shares some of the work he's produced over the past few years on his now 55.7K subscriber YouTube channel, which features a combination of general moto topics for riders -- some Brooklyn and New York-related, some review-based materials, and even some build snippets, all laced with a healthy dose of humor.
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Each will get some individual time to discuss their journey. And all three will be taking questions following their talks.


We are honored to have MOTO SPIRITS with us again with samples from their Brooklyn-made whiskey line as well as bottles for sale ... and $5 cocktails! Motos and Photos : NYC attendees will also get to sample some pies from a local pizzaria.


Every event will encourage attendees to participate, with a monthly image submission based a on specific topic.

For December local photogs are asked to submit their best moto-related photo under the subject, "your favorite riding moment from this season". With the chill in the air and some bikes already in storage, we all need some inspiration to hold on to.

The top five, as judged by our event committee, will be shown at the event with photogs brought up to discuss their image. Photos will also be put up in a gallery on and possibly be used in a future issue of Motoveli Magazine.

Hashtag your entries #motosandphotosnyc on Instagram. If we see a photo we really like, we'll also be hashtagging entries.


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